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SpotHero is a parking reservation service that helps drivers reserve parking with garages and lots, often at a discount to the drive-up rate. With SpotHero, you can search for options, compare rates, and reserve your spot online or via our iOS app or Android app.
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SpotHero Referral Code Reviews

SpotHero Code Benefits

The best way to make parking more fun is to save money while doing it. The SpotHero referral program is the best way to do this. We all have gone through the same situation. You are running late, and you can’t find a spot to park your car. You look everywhere and see more and more cars, without one spot for parking. Luckily, you find a parking app, and that enables you to book a perfect parking spot before you reach the location. That is called SpotHero, and it is a true lifesaver if you use it the right way. Even better, is this life-saver can be even cheaper if you use a SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link from a friend. Check out Chums to see reviews of SpotHero and to find SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link from your friends. 

SpotHero helps you in finding the available parking spots in your nearby areas. You can reserve the spot from your phone with just a click. You can now use a SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link to enjoy an impressive discount on your parking. 

In this article, you can read about SpotHero, how to find the best SpotHero promo codes to redeem the best discount or reward. First, let's have a look at the cost of the SpotHero. 

The Cost Of SpotHero 

Most people have the same question how much does it cost to use SpotHero? Parking already usually costs money. It can seem counterintuitive to pay extra to park. Well, the answer is it all depends on the parking spot’s locations. There are some other factors to consider, such as time and the duration for which you want to park your car. For example, if you're going to park your car in a significant location, then you may need to pay a hefty fee. The same goes for booking a parking spot on popular days, such as during weekends or holidays. The cost of using SpotHero can be worth it if you would otherwise spend a good deal of time looking for parking.

If you want, you can book the parking spots for one month. This can prove to be very cost-effective for you. For example, in some cities like Charlotte and Dallas, the monthly parking cost can be around USD 40. However, you can enjoy cheaper parking with the SpotHero referral program and SpotHero referral codes. 

Now, let’s know how to use your SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link to save money. 

How To Use The SpotHero Code For New Users

If you are a first-time user of SpotHero, you can use a SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link which will give you 10 percent off on your first SpotHero parking spot reservation. This is an amazing way to provide a new service a try at a discounted rate. 

The SpotHero promo code can be utilized while booking the parking spot. Copy your discount code and paste it on the apply promo code section before making the payment. You will be able to save some money on your next reservation. 

Even though the above SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link says you can get a 10 percent discount, your maximum discounted value will be capped at USD 5. Keep in mind that you may not use the promotional code on booking monthly parking sports reservation and business reservations. 

Beyond the promo codes, there is another way through which you can save additional money — all you need to do is refer SpotHero to your family members and friends. Since SpotHero is a new and quickly growing company, it is likely that many of your friends and family have not signed up before. 

Earn Free Parking And Additional Discounts Through The SpotHero Referral Program

SpotHero is quite easy and convenient to use. You will feel like sharing the features and benefits of the app. But how about earning some more benefits, like saving money while doing this? Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can earn free parking credits or bonuses by referring to the SpotHero app to family and friends. With SpotHero refer a friend program, you can earn parking credit worth $7 using a SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link. Sounds really great! Free parking!

Now, here is another amazing feature. Under the referral program, not just you, but also your friends will also get a $7 SpotHero promo code. When your friends or family member completes their first parking reservation, you will get an email with a $7 SpotHero promo code. However, for this, they need to do a transaction of above $8. 

Refer as many friends as you can with SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link. Endless rewards are waiting for you. 

Conditions To Use The SpotHero Referral Program

1.              If you and your friends want to enjoy such amazing benefits, they need to install the app using your referral links. After installation, they should enter the SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link to get started with it. 

2.              To obtain the offer under the SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link, your friend needs to spend more than $8. Otherwise, it will not work.

3.              After the successful transaction, you will get your SpotHero discount code in your mail inbox within 24 hours. 

Just keep all the requirements, terms, and conditions in the mind while booking a reservation, and you are ready to save your money using SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link. 

Some Essential Conditions New Customers Using The SpotHero Referral Program 

1.              The new users should go for a qualifying transaction. The qualifying transaction under the SpotHero referral program is above $8. 

2.              The new users have never used the services of SpotHero before. 

3.              New users should only register using the friend’s referral link or SpotHero referral code.        

How Does The SpotHero Referral Program Work? 

It’s time to park smarter and save money using SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link. The process is very simple. Share the SpotHero app with your family members and friends and get to enjoy the advantages. Want to receive your first $7 promo code? Here are some simple steps that you need to follow. 

1.     Invite Your Family And Friends To Use SpotHero:

It’s all starts with a referral link. To get started with it, you need to share your referral link with your friends and family. You can easily find SpotHero’s referral page. Visit the page, and you can send the link through e-mail. Besides, you can also tweet the link and post it on your Facebook page. The best way to share your SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link is to post it, along with a review of the app, on Chums.

2.     Your Friend Needs To Reserve A Spot and Spend More Than $8

Your friend can then create an account with SpotHero by clicking on the SpotHero referral link that you send. After successfully creating an account, your friend will get a promo code of $7 added on their first reservation using SpotHero. However, you can only get the SpotHero discount as a reward when your friend spends more than $8 on SpotHero reservation. 

3.     Earn $7 Off On Your Parking

After the end of your friend’s reservation, you will get your reward. Within just two days, you will get a promo code of $7 in your inbox. So, don’t forget to check your inbox. Through the referral program, you can save around $200 in a year. 

Signing Up For SpotHero Using The Referral Link

New users should make sure that they are signing up through a SpotHero referral link. Otherwise, the users may not receive the discounts or SpotHero referral bonus while reserving a parking spot. If you are looking for such a referral link, you can visit and search for “SpotHero.” Or else you can visit the “Transportation” section. If your friends have an account on the site, you can see their referral links along with the SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link. After done with the registration process, the code will verify that you are a new user. Then your friend will get a SpotHero coupon in their SpotHero app. 

In Which Cities Does SpotHero Work?

SpotHero started 2011started 2011. It has been paving the way for people to locate a perfect parking spot under their budget easily. It facilitates its services through more than 5000 garages located in major cities in the United States. One can book easily using the SpotHero parking app.  

SpotHero always guarantees that you will never pay more to park your car. Besides, to make it more interesting, it offers the referral program and SpotHero bonus. You visit their site at to know more about SpotHero parking and referral programs. 

How Does It Work?

1.     Open your SpotHero app or visit SpotHero and search for the location where you want to park your car.

2.     Select the location and check out the other options, such as time and date. 

3.     Once done, use your credit card to reserve the parking spot. If you a  SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link, then use it to get a discount.

4.     After that, you will get confirmation mail regarding the successful reservation of the place.

5.     Show that to the garage owner and park your car. 

SpotHero’s Referral Program Puts the “Free” in Free Parking

Whether you are a new user of an existing user, it is essential to keep yourself updated with the SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link. The SpotHero referral program is a great way to enjoy an amazing parking discount on SpotHero parking. New users can get a discount of up to $10 by signing up using a valid SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link. On the other side, existing users can also enjoy great discounts by referring links of SpotHero to their family and friends. With this, they can get $7 off code with every new sign-up. 

If you want to know more about SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link, referral programs, then go on and download the SpotHero app now. You can easily find SpotHero promo codes on the platform. The new users can use the SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link to earn attractive discounts. 

Reasons To Use SpotHero Parking App

You can easily book a parking spot on the SpotHero website. But its app brings you some additional benefits: 

1.              Easy and instant access to the parking spot.

2.              Direction to the parking spot.

3.              Mobile-only reservation and SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link.

4.              One tap call to its customer service.

5.              Mobile parking pass.

Give SpotHero app a try and with $10 and $7 referral bonus with SpotHero referral code or SpotHero referral link.  

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