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Uber Referral Codes & refer a friend link

Uber code benefits

Add a referral code to get $5 in ride credit and to give $5 in ride credit to the friend that referred you.
Uber is a transportation network company (TNC) offering its customers ridesharing services through its app and website. Customers can pick the kind of vehicles they want according to their needs and choose if they prefer to ride alone or share the trip with another customer.     

Uber works in more than 170 countries and 785 cities. The app has 110 million users around the world. 

Uber was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, United States. The company has more than 22,000 worldwide and by 2018 its total revenue was 11.27 billion USD.

Uber Referral Codes via Chums

Sebastian F.'s code


Jessica T.'s code


Jeff A.'s code



Kalpesh Z.'s code


Melissa L.'s code


Conditions for receiving Uber Referral Code benefit

  • Be a legal resident in your country

  • Be at least 18 years old or the legal age of your country of residence.

  • Have an Uber account in good standing.

Please note that you will only receive your referral coupon after your friend takes their first ride. Once your Uber referral credits are automatically deposited in your account, you have 60 days to use them before they expire. 

Have in mind that you can only share referral coupons or Uber referral links with your family, friends and people you know. You can only use this Refer a Friend Program for personal and non-commercial purposes. Uber is allowed to limit the number of times you use or share your exclusive Uber referral link or referral code.

Other codes & services

Please find other referral codes and services below by clicking the logo. Refer a friend to your services and both receive benefits from the company that you use the service from (e.g. Lyft, Uber, American Express etc.)

How to use the Uber referral codes

Instructions to refer a friend from your mobile device:

  1. Open Uber app on your mobile phone

  2. Tap the Menu button that you will find at the upper-left side of your screen

  3. Choose “Free Rides”

  4. Copy your referral code and share it with all your friends.

You can also tap on “Invite Friends” and share the Uber Referral link on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or any other social media. Your friends will receive a message like this:

“I’m giving you $5 off of your first Uber ride. To accept, use code “your unique personal code” to sign up. Enjoy”

Instructions to refer a friend from your web browser:

  1. Sign in with your Uber Account

  2. Click “Free Rides” on the left side of your screen

  3. Copy your referral code or click on “Get your Invite Link” and share it with your friends on your social media accounts from your computer.

Uber gives you the option to customize your unique referral code by clicking on “Profile” -> “Invite Code” -> Customize. 

How to earn a $5 Referral Coupon – for new customers 

If you receive a referral code or Uber referral link, just tap on the invitation. The referral coupon will be automatically applied when signing up, it will be available to use in your first ride!