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Via Referral Code Reviews

Ride Share With Via To Get The Best Discount in 2020

When you join Via and use your friend’s referral code, you can get a $10 referral coupon. The person who invited you will also receive a Via referral reward of $10.

Via Refer A Friend Program Terms And Conditions

Via referral rewards and referral limits may vary according to the country where the user is located and registered. The above terms and conditions are for Via’s refer a friend program in the United States.

 How To Earn Via Referral Rewards For Existing Riders

1.    You can only share your Via referral code with people you know. You are not allowed post your referral code on websites with commercial means, if you do so, your participation in the Refer a Friend program will be terminated. 

2.    You can share your referral code with as many friends as you want. You can earn up to $300 in Via referral credits.

3.    You will receive the Via referral reward once the referred friend has completed the first ride.

4.    Via referral coupons expire 30 days after the issue date

How To Use The Via Refer A Friend Program For Existing Customers

 If you’d like to earn free rides, follow these steps to find your unique Via referral code to share with your friends:

1.    Open Via on your smartphone

2.    Tap on the menu button at the upper left side of your screen

3.    Tap on “Free Rides” 

You’ll be able to copy the Via referral code and paste it anywhere you want. If you prefer, you can also send the Via referral invitations by e-mail. You can most definitely paste it on your Chums profile, so that you don’t need to send it one by one. 

How To Get A Free Ride By Using A Referral Code

If a friend shares his or her Via referral code with you and you’ve never used Via before, follow these steps:

1.    Download the Via app

2.    Create your account

3.    Tap on the “Menu” button at the upper left corner of your screen

4.    Select “Free Rides”

Paste or type your friend’s unique Via referral code. If you don’t know which of your friends has a Via code and you are considering other ridesharing apps, go to Chums to check out your friends’ rating and reviews. You can copy a referral code from their instead of having to ask them.

Via Ride Credit

Last November 21, 2019, Via started some changes in Via ride credit. You can use up to $2.50 in free ride credit for each ride you take. They will deduct $2.50 and charge the remainder to your credit card if your ride costs more than that amount.

Due to this change, the existing referral, promotional, or other complementary ride credits will have impact. This happened because of the need to address misapplication of the previous referral credit program and keep the rides affordable for their members. You can use up to $150 of ride credit using your Via account.

How To Get A Promo Code:

If you are a first-time user of Via, here’s what you’re going to do:

1.    Download the Via App in your Android or IOS Phone.

2.    Create an account.

3.    Copy the Via promo code in a website.

4.    Launch the App.

5.    Open the menu (top left corner).

6.    Click Promo Codes.

7.    Enter your promo code.

8.    Refer a friend to earn additional free rides.

How To Use Promo Code:

There are a lot of different coupon codes that you can get on websites that offer promo codes, such as Chums. Using Via is rewarding because there are a lot of Via discounts for the whole year when you use your app.

Here are the steps on how to utilized Via promo codes from Chums to the app:

1.    Look for the code that you like.

2.    Click on “Get Code.”

3.    Copy the code given.

4.    Open your Via app.

5.    Paste the code. 

How To Get Via Pass:

If you want to get your via pass, here are the steps:

1.    Open the Via app.

2.    Click on the “Menu”.

3.    Click on the section labeled “ViaPass”.

How To Use The Via Pass:

Your ViaPass will auto-renew by default. If you want to adjust the ViaPass, just follow the steps:

1.    Open the Via app.

2.    Head to “Menu”.

3.    Click on “ViaPass”.

4.    Click on the small blue arrow at the bottom of the screen that says “Auto renew is activated.”

5.    You can turn auto-renew on or off for the ViaPass.

There will be additional fee for additional passengers. If you cancel or if you do not show, there will be a charge of $3 each. SharedTaxi rides are excluded from any ViaPass discounts.

Via Background

Entrepreneurs Daniel Ramot and Oren Shoval launched Via in 2014. Via is a European provider of on-demand shared rides that takes many passengers going to the same direction and books them in a shared vehicle.

Via lets you choose where you want to be picked up and dropped off by using your iPhone or Android phone. Since there are corner-to-corner service, they will pick you up on the nearby corner and they will drop you off within a couple blocks of your destination. 

Via was first launched in New York City in September 2013. It is currently operating in a couple of states in the US, including Arlington, Sacramento, New York City, Chicago, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Birmingham, Utah, and Washington DC. 

Aside from the States, Via created a joint venture to the European transport system. Thus, having the ViaVan in London, Amsterdam, Milton Keynes, and Espoo.

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