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Travelzoo is an Internet company that publishes deals from more than 2,000 travel, entertainment and local businesses such as restaurants and spas. It has 28 million members in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and 25 offices worldwide.
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Travelzoo  Referral Code Reviews

See The World On A Budget With The Travelzoo Referral Coupon

Travelzoo is an online travel company that offers trips and local excursions for travelers around the world. If you join Travelzoo using a referral link, you can get a £10 referral coupon.  The person who referred you will also receive a £10 Travelzoo referral reward.

Travelzoo Referral Program Terms and Conditions (For The UK Refer A Friend Program)

  1. The existing user and the referred friend must be 18 years of age or older. You are not eligible to participate in the Travelzoo referral program if you work for Travelzoo, its affiliates or promotional agencies. 

  2. The referral coupons have no monetary value. You will get the Travelzoo referral rewards in the form of discounts to redeem towards any product on Travelzoo UK website and app: restaurants, gateways, spa deals or activity vouchers. 

  3. The referral coupons will be credited within 48 hours after the referred friend has signed up.

  4. Travelzoo referral coupons expire within 90 days after the issue date. 

  5. If you only use a portion of the Travelzoo referral reward, the remaining value will be lost.

  6. You can’t combine the Travelzoo referral coupons with other discounts or promotional codes.

  7. You are not able to use your Travelzoo referral coupon on third party websites.

Conditions To Receive The Travelzoo Referral Reward For Existing Users

  1. No purchase is needed to participate in the Travelzoo referral program.

  2. You must visit Travelzoo referral page and send 1 Travelzoo referral invitation to unlock your unique referral link.

  3. You can earn up to 5 referral coupons within any 28-day period.

  4. You will receive a notification by e-mail when your Travelzoo referral coupon is available and can then share it with friends and post it to your Chums profile. 

Conditions To Receive The Travelzoo Referral Reward For Referred Friends

  1. You have never used Travelzoo before.

  2. You must click on your friend’s referral link that they sent you or use the link from their Chums profile.

  3. You must sign up and confirm your account.

Follow these instructions to get your referral link and to send Travelzoo referral invitations:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the Travelzoo referral page.

  2. Provide your e-mail address and your friend’s e-mail.

  3. You’ll be able to send Travelzoo referral invitations by e-mail or share the Travelzoo referral program via Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. You can also of course add your referral link to your Chums profile for your friends to use.

How To Get Your Travelzoo Referral Reward For New Members

Follow these steps if a friend has shared a referral link with you:

  1. Click on your friend’s referral link.

  2. When the Travelzoo referral page is opened, provide your e-mail address and click on “Get Started”.

  3. Confirm your e-mail address.

  4. You will receive the Travelzoo referral coupon within 48 hours. Happy traveling!

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