Public New user

not my favorite stock app, but it’s still easy to get free money!!

Chime New user

absolutely amazing bank. has definitely been fundamental for me.

Dabbl New user

I like to watch the ads while I’m doing things around the house. adds up quick!

Firstrade New user

not my favorite but hey, free money!

Zogo New user
MooMoo New user

more complex, but still gives you free money.

Achievement New user
Verydice New user
Receipt Hog New user

it’s slow to earn but it’s easy to do.

Robinhood New Investor

has been the easiest out of the stock apps for a beginner, and I have made over $100 on it! my favorite feature is the cryptocurrency trading!!!

CoinOut New user

it’s got some good stuff!

ReceiptPal New user

it’s slow but steady

UBDI New user

very cool app! and pretty simple to earn money from.

1Q New user

instant payout!! pays directly to PayPal!!

Qmee New user

no min payout! takes just a sec to payout to PayPal

Status Money New user

earn money and learn about finances.

5miles New user

easy money

ClipClaps New user

I love making money while laughing at all the hilarious videos!

Pi Network New user

new cryptocurrency!!

Swagbucks New user

plenty of ways to earn money.

InboxDollars New user

it’s better than some

5miles New user

easy money

ibotta New User

quickest way to make money with receipts

Fetch Rewards New user

I love how easy it is to use. and they do promos regularly where you get $4 a referral

Zebra IQ New user

they went off grid for a little while and weren’t paying people but they are back now

Zynn New user

you have to add the code on the same day you download the app

On My Way New user

they are giving away lots of points right now

Current Bank New user

get the $1 and then transfer it because these guys suck at customer service

Aspiration New user

you have to actually use the app. I think a min of $260 over two months to get the $50 referral bonus. they are actually a pretty incredible bank!

acorns New User


Miles New user

easy to get points. plenty of rewards!!! they even have gift cards for like Wal-Mart now.

Worthy New user

you don’t have to deposit anything. just open it and link a bank and keep it open for 90 days. then you can withdraw the $10

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