Discover. Recommend. Get Rewarded.

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How it Works

What Our Customers Say

My name is Liz and I’m from Louisiana. Someone told me about Chums and I fell in love the moment I opened it. It’s so super convenient! I’m a stay at home mom. My husband is out of work right now. I spend all day making money on apps and referring people. This app has the potential to save me 50% of my time! That’s 50% more productive and more food on my table.
Chums is a great app to share and find referral codes for tons of different sites. As the community of users grows the benefits for everyone do also! It’s commendable that the CEO/Co-founder of Chums is directly involved with providing support to users. I greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication, Noah Elion & team! Everyone should try Chums out!

Discover. Recommend. Get Rewarded.