Chums Referral

Download Chums Referral and make money with your friends for trying new apps or buying products from new companies

Referral codes

Our features

Input your codes and use a Chums'

Use your friends' referral code when signing up for a new service. Input your codes so your friends can do the same.

You and your friend gets rewarded by the company (by e.g. Lyft, Robinhood, Juno, Acorns, Curb, AMEX, etc.).

Help a Chum

Share your referral codes from your services in the Chums App and help your friends connect to new Apps and benefit from referral codes and discounts automatically.

Earn money

Get paid by companies like Acorns, Coinbase, HotelTonight, Venmo, American Express, etc. when you sign up for one of the new services you've just discovered.



We are Chums Referral, an App that makes it super easy for you and your friends to earn from newly downloaded services and apps like Acorns, Robinhood, Via, Lyft, Juno, etc.